Restrictions On Women Lifted At Kahmard Health Centers

Kabul: The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) said on Thursday that the restrictions on women who were not accompanied by male kin during Kahmard health center visits, have been lifted.

The lift comes after an order which had been passed by the Kahmard district administration in Bamyan province stating that health services would not be provided to women who came to pharmacies and health centers in the district without a male guardian, was brought to light by the rights’ body.

The Human Rights Commission added that its field office, aware of this issue, sent an official letter to the governor of Bamyan province to petition the lifting of restrictions on women in hospitals and called for the issue to be addressed. In the letter, the commission asked the governor of Bamyan to take action.

“The [Human Rights] Commission’s findings show that the district administration has received the notices, and as a result, restrictions on women visiting health centers have been lifted,” the statement said.

The Commission emphasized that access to the right to health is a fundamental human right of every citizen and that any restriction on their access to health services is contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, the global Declaration of Human Rights and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

According to the commission, whose employees saw the notice in the last month of the previous solar year, the local government’s diktat created many problems for women in Kahmard and limited their access to health services and the right to health.

In a statement issued three days ago, the Bamyan governor’s press office called the Kahmard district administration’s order to restrict women’s access to health services “contrary to the principles and rules of human and human rights”.
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The statement had said that the leadership of the Bamyan local government, aware of this issue, has directed the relevant departments to address this issue urgently and legally.

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