China Delivers First Batch of COVID-19 Prevention Materials to Kabul

Afghanistan has received its first batch of Chinese COVID-19 prevention materials as part of Beijing’s commitment to provide assistance to help Kabul fight the coronavirus.

The shipment on board arrived Thursday in Kabul that Chinese Ambassador has announced.
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“China’s first batch of COVID-19 prevention materials has arrived in Kabul,” Wang Yu, Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, tweeted on Thursday.

As fears are growing about the deadly coronavirus outbreak, Afghanistan, the number of positive cases are increasing at a time of political disarray and amid the politics of war and peace.

News of the virus, officially dubbed COVID-19, even overshadowed the developments surrounding the hoped beginning of the end of 40 years of war in the country.

The virus, which emerged in China, has spread to more and more countries.

The cases reported in Afghanistan have been linked to the outbreak in Iran.

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