EU Donates €2.7 Million to Emergency-Affected Children in Afghanistan

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic,. the European Union on Wednesday/ announced contribution of 2.7 million euros to UNICEF to support access to education for emergency-affected children and provide life-saving treatment to those affected by acute malnutrition in hard-to-reach areas of Afghanistan, a press release said.
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With the unprecedented scope and scale of the pandemic, Afghanistan is likely to be significantly affected due to its weak health system and limited capacity to deal with disease outbreaks.

“With schools closed since 14 March, over 9.5 million children in regular schools and 500,000 children in informal education will not resume their education as per the normal schedule,” says Luigi Pandolfi, as quotes in the UNICEF press release, who oversees EU humanitarian programs in Afghanistan. “Also, as protocols to contain the spread are enforced, families are losing livelihoods and many are not eating enough nutritious food, with children being the hardest hit. This is a price the children of Afghanistan cannot afford.”

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