Clashes Continue in Bala Murghab District, 35 Afghan Soldiers Killed

Some members of the Badghis Provincial Council warn that if the clashes between the security forces and the Taliban take its toll at night, the district may fall into the control of the Taliban.

Mohammad Naser Nazari, Badghis Provincial Council member told Reporterly that the district is under the siege of the Taliban and except the Police Command building and Brigade’s battalion, everything else has fallen under control of Taliban.

Mr Nazari said that if the fight continues till the night, the district may collapse and a human disaster may occur.

Meanwhile, the BBC Persian, quoting from Abdul Waris Shirzad, district governor of Bala Murghab reported that in attack of insurgents, at least 35 Afghan soldiers were killed and the same number were injured or captured by the insurgents.

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