COVID-19: MoE to Reconsider Decision on Reopening of Schools if Students Test Posiitve

The Acting Minister of Education , Ranginah Ahmadi says that even if one student becomes infected with the corona virus, there is a possibility that the decision to reopen the schools will be reconsidered.

Ms. Hamidi said in a joint press conference with the Acting Minister of Public Health on Thursday that because the 11th and 12th grade students can get to their classes with the little time possible, the public schools have been allowed to start classes.
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According to Ahmadi if students do not become infected with the coronavirus within a month of the start of classes, the attendance in other classes will gradually begin, and if a student becomes infected with the coronavirus, there is a possibility that the Ministry of Education will reconsider its decision.

The Acting Minister of Education pointed out that a monitoring team will be formed to monitor schools, especially private schools, which are allowed to start in-person classes from the first to the 12th grade, to monitor how health recommendations are observed.

Hamidi said that the use of masks is a fundamental condition for attending classes and asked families to prepare masks for students.

The Acting Minister of Education, referring to the citizens’ criticism of the reopening of the first to twelfth grades in private schools and the reopening of only two grades in public schools, said that due to the crowded environment in public schools, and other challenges in the districts It is not possible to follow the health recommendations.

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