Sediqqi Calls Taliban’s Remarks Over Security Threats Against Prisoners as ‘Baseless’

Following Taliban’s recent allegation over the security threats against its prisoners, the Afghan government has said that it has taken serious steps to ensure the safety of the group’s prisoners.

“The latest allegations by the Taliban about how to secure the Taliban detainees are baseless,” a presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said in a tweet on Thursday. Sediqqi added that the Afghan government has already taken action in this regard.

He called on the Taliban to refrain from making such allegations.

The Taliban group said in a statement on late Wednesday that there is a security risk to the group’s prisoners release from Pul-e-Charkhi prison, based on intelligence information provided to them.

The group also warned that attacks on prisoners of the group would disrupt the intra-Afghan negotiations.

The remarks come as the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners began after the US-Taliban peace agreement was signed in Doha, Qatar last year, and the process continues despite the challenges.

Earlier, the Peace Consultative Loya Jirga, which was set up to decide to release the remaining 400 dangerous Taliban prisoners, also supported the process and confirmed the release of these Taliban prisoners for the start intra-Afghan talks.

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