IEC To Begin Transferring Election Material Tomorrow

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced that the transferring process of election materials to the provinces will start tomorrow, August 30.

IEC in a press release said, “The packaging process of election materials started yesterday and will continue up to the next 20 days. Also the transferring process of materials will be started tomorrow and will continue up to the next 22 days.”

IEC has urged the monitoring and observing institutions to submit a list of their monitories and observers who will monitor the process.

According to the press release, the institutions that have not received letter of credence are allowed to receive credentials in accordance with bills and procedures in order to monitor and observe the election process.

The Presidential election is scheduled to be held on 28 September all across Afghanistan.

At a news conference in Kabul yesterday, the interior minister said the transfer of electoral materials to all provinces is being carried out in coordination with the IEC, and security forces are working to turn the threat zones to normal.

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