Peace Talks Should be Held After Presidential Election: Nabil

The Presidential candidate, Rahmatullah Nabil has emphasized on having peace with dignity and said achieving peace through Pakistan is ‘slavery”.

During an electoral campaign in Maidan Wardak province, Nabil declared that all Afghan people demand peace, but the way of gaining peace is crucial.
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“We do not want a peace in which one week looks white and the next becomes black, we want stability and should be cautious about this.” Nabil said.

He stressed that the red line for “Justice and Security” team is republicanism. He said that, the peace talks should continue after holding the Presidential Election.

He praised the peace plan of the former President, Dr. Najib, saying Pakistan did not allow his national plan to be implemented and today Pakistan does not want a real peace for Afghanistan too.

He also said the cause of current situation in Afghanistan is due to the lack of government leader programs, pointing that some candidates have copied Obama, Putin and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns that are not applicable to Afghanistan.

He promised that If he wins the presidential election, he will hopefully make the Afghan people prosper.

Rahmatullah Nabil is the fourth candidate among the 18 presidential candidates and has begun his campaign trips to various provinces.
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