Karzai: If Loya Jirga Leads To Peace In Afghanistan, Then It Is Worthy Of Support

Former president Hamid Karzai urged the people to support the Peace Consultative Loya Jirga in a Facebook post on Thursday.

Talking about the Loya Jirga to be held on Friday, Aug.
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7, Karzai hoped that it would “emphasize the immediate start of intra-Afghan negotiations… take all necessary steps to ensure a comprehensive ceasefire after the Jirga… and the establishment of lasting peace in the country.”

He urged the people to support the Jirga. “If this Consultative Jirga takes steps to achieve the above goals, it is worthy of our support and endorsement, and in this way we will soon be able to bring our dear country Afghanistan to independence, peace and national sovereignty and free it from foreigners.”

Karzai said that while efforts to establish peace in the country have been going on for a long time, they had been delayed and hampered at various stages.

“It is the national responsibility of Afghans on both sides to immediately remove any obstacles to intra-Afghan peace talks and build trust,” wrote the former president.

He emphasized that “genuine intra-Afghan dialogues” could only be held in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect and trust.

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