Kabul-Based Ambassadors Announced Support for Afghan Journalists

A number of foreign ambassadors in Kabul pledged support for the Afghan journalists, calling for elimination of threat against them.

Afghanistan Supporting Open Media (NAI) has said that increasing threats against journalists in Afghanistan made foreign ambassadors to raise voices of support for them.

Mojib Khalwatgar, head of Nai has called threats against journalists “serious and a matter of concern”.

He said that the US ambassador to Kabul Ross Wilson and other ambassadors had vowed to share their concerns in this regard with the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan.

“They said they would assess these issues and hoped to help Afghan media family. They also said they would seriously talk to Taliban to prevent such incidents if their fighters are behind attacks on journalists. They would also talk to the government of Afghanistan,” Khalwatgar said.

Ambassadors from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Denmark and European Union expressed support to Afghan journalists.

31 / December 2020