President Ghani Met With Afghan Women’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has met with members of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Presidential Palace this morning.

Arg in a statement on Thursday said that Afsana Rahimi, Director General of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, thanked the President and said, “We have made significant progress, but we need a transparent mechanism to deal with women entrepreneurs affected by the Coronavirus.”

According to the statement, the President stated that lands will be given to women entrepreneurs in Kabul and other provinces and directed the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry to make clear use of women’s parks and markets.

Referring to the government’s attention to women entrepreneurs, the President cited that women entrepreneurs would be given a specific share in the Charchata and Machin Khana areas in Kabul and gave specific instructions to the relevant authorities to solve the problems of women entrepreneurs in other provinces.

In the meantime, the President emphasized on giving a broader role to women entrepreneurs in provincial entrepreneurship and said that the future of the market is linked to digitization, so women entrepreneurs should adapt their entrepreneurship to digitalisation.

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