Presidential Election Process is Deadlocked: Nabil

Afghan presidential candidate Rahmatullah Nabil on Thursday said the Presidential election process is based on politics, not on a legitimate, fair procedure and the process is deadlocked.

During a press conference in Kabul, Nabil said, “There are efforts underway to draw in the security forces to take sides in the election.”

He emphasized that he had lost hope that clean votes would be separated from unclean votes.

“Our demand is that “valid” and “invalid” votes be separated so the people of Afghanistan win,” he said.

Nabil noted that the Taliban should declare ceasefire and that a reconciliation government should be formed, headed by one who would be acceptable to all sides.

He stressed that Afghans don’t want Taliban’s emirate, but neither current republic which violates laws.

The candidate added that the peace process should turn from US-Pakistan-Taliban process to intra-Afghan process.

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