President Ghani Says NATO’s Decision on Troops Withdrawal from Afghanistan Will Help Peace Process

President Ashraf Ghani has expressed hope that the delay in NATO’s decision on a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan will help the peace process.

The Predetial Palace in a statement on Wednesday said that President Ghani at a meeting with the members
of the Lower House of Parliament said the ground had been paved for more serious peace talks with the Taliban.

“The alliance decision sends a big message,” Ghani remarked, referring to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s statement that the only would leave Afghanistan, only when allowed by security conditions on the ground.

“Afghanistan is in a better position than ever to achieve a just peace, and there will be extensive consultations with the parliament in coming months,” President said.

According to the government’s negotiating team, the Taliban have promised returning to talks as soon as their leaders come back to Doha

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