HerCode Global Partners to Launch Blockchain Education Program for Afghan Girls

HerCode Global Partners has announced their collaboration with USC Viterbi School of Engineering and the Digital Citizen Fund in Afghanistan to launch a program providing over one hundred Afghani high-school girls education in blockchain technology.
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HerCode in a report said that this program furthers HerCode’s mission to empower women to have a prominent role in this new era of technology through blockchain education.

“With a focus on underserved communities, HerCode hopes to prevent the widening gender gap in the blockchain industry by providing girls and women from around the world an opportunity to learn, contribute, and earn digitally,” the report reads.

Blockchain technology promises to reduce barriers for all and democratize accessibility to knowledge and wealth.
“Unfortunately, accessibility is really not an option for many women, particularly those from disadvantaged communities or developing regions,” the report said.

Heidi Pease, Founder of the Los Angeles Blockchain Lab said, “We aim to make this technology more readily available for all through our strategic partnerships and programs, from the corners of our local communities to the farthest outreaches abroad.” [HerCode is an Impact and Diversity initiative under the LA Blockchain Lab].

Nicole Campa, Co-founder of HerCode added, “The major benefits of blockchain technology and the positive change it will provide on a global scale can only happen if the pool of people who create it are as diverse as possible.”

The World Economic Forum predicts “10% of total GDP to be stored on blockchain by 2027,” yet today less than 9% of the bitcoin community and fewer than 7% of blockchain developers are female. To address this crisis, HerCode aims to equip women.

Roya Mahboob, Founder of the Digital Citizen Fund said, “DCF’s mission is to increase women’s participation and advancement in the workplace by providing women with quality education, training, and support. Partnering with HerCode provides women in underserved populations a pathway to digital literacy, specifically blockchain which could transform the societies in which they live for the better.”

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