AJSC: 2018 The Deadliest Year For Afghan Journalists & Media Family

Afghan Journalists Safety Committee director, Najib sharifi, said Thursday during a press conference at Government Media and Information Center that 2018 marks the deadliest year for Afghan journalists & Media family.

Mr Sharifi said that Taliban and IS-K are responsible for the majority of cases of violence against journalists with 50 cases and individuals linked to Government come second with 44 cases.

“we are extremely concerned about the deliberate and direct targeting of journalists and media. In 2018, 11 journalists were killed in two separate attack targeting journalists.”

With 17 journalists killed and 104 cases of injury, physical assault, intimidation, and detention, “2018 marks the deadliest year for Afghan journalists & Media family”, according to AJSC director.

“In a bid to mitigate the vulnerabilities of journalists, AJSC Conducts free-of-cost safety training,” said Sharifi, “we request journalists to participate in them because these training programs are vital for their safety.”

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