Aqina-Andkhoi Railway Officially Opened in Faryab Province

Afghan and Turkmen officials officially opened the Aqina-Andkhoy railway in Faryab province on Thursday.

Addressing the opening ceremony of three joint projects between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, President Ashraf Ghani said that the two countries have a long-standing relationship and this relationship has been successful throughout history.

“We are proud that Afghanistan is renewing its long-standing ties with Central Asian countries after a hundred years,” President Ghani said.

He notes that the Afghan people will soon witness the launch of other projects that will turn Afghanistan into a crossroads for the region.

“Completion of the construction of a 500 kV line from Aqina to Sheberghan and a 220 kV line from Sheberghan to Mazar-e-Sharif is an important step for the development of economic relations and the connection of the two countries,” he added.

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