Afghanistan to take over control of its airspace

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced on Thursday that the country’s airspace will be fully managed and controlled by Afghans.

The initiative was implemented after a contract for the installation of “independent” radar systems was signed by relevant authorities at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday.

“With this system, the Afghan National Revenue will increase from 12 to 15 billion AFN, and our air space independence will be strengthened and all flights on Afghanistan will be under control,” the Afghan President said during at the kickoff of the project.

Meanwhile, the Afghan presidential palace said in a statement that “the project for installing independent radar systems for more than 9 billion AFNs will be completed in two years, which, in addition to current systems, will be utilized for privacy control of Afghanistan’s air space and will be also used for civilian and military aircraft.”

It is said that the radar system can detect up to 55,000 ft of civilian and military aircrafts from the ground level, as well as the capacity to install air defense systems on it.

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