MoPH Warns of New Coronavirus Variant in Country

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has expressed concern about the new type of the spread of the coronavirus in the country, saying that with the registration of this type of virus in neighboring countries, it may spread to Afghanistan.

Wahidullah Majrooh, deputy director of health services at MoPH said at a news conference in Kabul on Thursday that a mutated version of the coronavirus had been registered in India and Pakistan, and that as citizens in the two countries travel more, the new type of this virus will spread in the country.

He considered the spread of this virus to be much faster than the first type.

“The number of patients has decreased,” he said, referring to the second wave of the coronavirus. “The number of positive cases has reached six percent. From week 49 onwards, it shows that the rate of cases has been declining. But, this does not mean that the second wave is over.”

However, he added that the key is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to the public and called on citizens to follow the health advice and avoid participating in rallies.

Majroh warned that if citizens are not cautious and reckless, a third wave of the corona virus could spread at any moment.

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