Ghani: No Public Consensus on Price of Peace

President Ashraf Ghani told national television that while Afghan people have consensus on bringing peace, they have to decide on the price they are willing to pay.

“Any peace that comes, it should be acceptable to the people, said Ghani during his interview with state news agency, Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA), on Wednesday.

The president also said that the beginning of the intra-Afghan talks will be decided next week and that there is a “strong possibility” that the initial talks will be hosted in Qatar.

He said that the government’s focus has always been on “how to achieve lasting peace.”

“As a president, I am responsible for bringing peace to the entire nation,” Ghani told the press.

He indicated that the process of the release of Taliban prisoners will be finalized by the coming weekend, however, pointed out that it could not be one-sided, and the Taliban had to reciprocate.

Earlier in the day, Ghani had visited Logar province where he pointed that the Taliban had increased their attacks against Afghan security forces even as they pledged to not attack U.S. soldiers in the Doha agreement signed in February.

He said these continued attacks indicate that the Taliban are not committed to the Afghan peace process.

“I want the bloodshed to end in the country,” he acknowledged. “But if the Taliban continue the war, the Afghan people will stand up against them.”

“We accept that the Taliban is a reality in Afghanistan, no one can deny this; the peace will come.”

Eight mortar rounds were fired during his visit and also when his helicopter departed the area.

Ghani called this insecurity unacceptable and said serious measures will be taken in Logar.

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