Abdullah: Meeting Of High Council For National Reconciliation Will Be Held Soon

Abduulah Abdullah said the first meeting of the leadership committee of the High council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) will be held in the coming days.

In his Eid message on Thursday, the HCNR chairman said he would finalize the formation of the council in close consultations with the government, respected political leaders and national organisations.

Abdullah said he was “pleased” about the three-day Eid ceasefire and said, “This is an important step for building trust and goodwill on the eve of the start of the historic intra-Afghan talks.”

He said the Council was working to “remove obstacles” in the way of the intra-Afghan negotiations.

“In our opinion, it is important that before negotiations start and during formal talks, the rate of violence will be reduced and that a permanent ceasefire is established to prevent the killing and Afghans.
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The leader called the prisoner exchange an important step forward in the peace process and said that once it was completed, there would be “no excuses” to prevent the talks from starting.

Regional allies, the international community and domestic parties, all agree that the conflict in Afghanistan must end through dialogue, he added.

“Once again, we emphasize that the continuation of the crisis is not in the interest of any group,” he concluded, and said that everyone benefits from an Afghanistan which is peaceful and free of extremism.
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