US Ambassador Bass: Success of Elections and Peace Depends on Afghans, US Always a Friend

US Ambassador John Bass celebrated the US independence day on Wednesday and spoke about the US-Afghan relations in Kabul.

He talked about expecting the next few months to achieve a political settlement and successful elections, but said it will all come at a compromise.

“We can’t guarantee credible results from presidential elections, only you can do that. And we cannot, and will not, decide where and how you must be prepared to compromise with the Taliban, and where they must be prepared to compromise with you, to bring and end to this conflict”, Bass said.

He assured fhat Americans can, and will, remain Afghanistan’s friends and partners, “We look forward to continuing to work with everyone in this society dedicated to helping create an Afghanistan in which all its citizens have the opportunity to live in peace and dignity.”

He also said that Afghans have shown many times throughout history how committed they are to govern yourselves, free from foreign interference. Afghans bravely confronted and defeated the Soviet Union’s aggression.

“But I think most of you would agree that many of Afghanistan’s problems today come from within – from the inability of many Afghans to see your diversity as a strength; to find common ground and purpose supporting the national interest along with one’s community and family; and to be prepared to compromise and work together to benefit all Afghans”, he said.

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