20 Workers Dead in Samangan Coal Mine Tunnel Collapse

All 20 miners trapped in the coal mine after the tunnel collapsed are dead, officials confirmed.

The workers had been trapped when a gas explosion inside the Shabashak mine sealed off the access tunnels on Tuesday morning in Dara-e-Soof district in northern Samangan province.

Anadolu Agency reported that eight bodies have been retrieved and efforts are on to take out the remaining 12 victims.

Mohammed Hashim, the acting chairman of the provincial council, said there were delays in the arrival of the rescue team. Nearby residents also claimed that the team sent was “not professional enough.”

However, the provincial police force said that the teams had responded immediately to the explosion but had been delayed as they waited for the deadly gases released in the mine to condense.

The governor of Samangan said the mining operation was illegal and is now investigating the owner of the location.
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