COVID-19: Osmani Mobilises Private Hospitals to diagnose, Treat Patients

Ahmad Javad Osmani, the acting health minister, said there is widespread dissatisfaction among the public about the lack of resources and delays they experience at hospitals and other health centres.

Lack of medicine, oxygen, health personnel, and delays in getting the test results back, have left plenty of patients unsatisfied and complaining

He added that large shipments of supplies had been delivered to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) but distributing them to health centres and hospitals was proving to be a challenge due to improper management.

“We will do what should have done three months ago,” he said talking about coordinating all health personnel across the country to coherently fight the spread of Coronavirus, with the help of the people.

The MoPH has asked all every health centres, hospitals and clinics in Afghanistan to diagnose, treat and take care of COVID-19 patients.

“The fight against Coronavirus will be the priority,” Osmani said, a day after he warned the country that they would have to “learn how to live with Coronavirus, because it won’t disappear in a matter of months or weeks.”

The private sector’s involvement

Earlier, Coronavirus was diagnosed and treated only in government laboratories and health centres, Osmani stressed that the process could not continue due to the influx of new cases in the country.

He said COVID-19 patients will no longer have to incentivise private hospitals to treat them after the government’s mobilization.

However, he did add that private sector Coronavirus rapid tests should be priced so as not to cause economic harm to the people.

While labs are not equipped to handle all the cases, importance should be given to those patients who show severe symptoms or clinical complications.
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Osmani noted that it will take several years for Coronavirus diagnostic laboratory centres to be operational in all provinces of the country, and that it was a huge financial cost.

The government is also planning to develop a phone application that would allow doctors to input their daily cases, so that everyone could be kept in the loop.

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