39 Taliban Insurgents Killed, Attacks Foiled, & Villages Cleared of Insurgents

The Ministry of Interior released several statements informing that ANP, ANDSF and AAF conducted various operations and that resulted in 39 Taliban insurgents getting killed.
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Afghan National Police (ANP) repelled an armed Taliban attack in Obe district of Herat, in which 20 Taliban insurgents were killed and 10 others injured while a group of armed Taliban attacked Obe district.

Two Afghan National Police officers were martyred however, and no civilian was harmed during the clash.

Moreover, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) conducted a joint clearance operation to clear some of the areas from terrorists. The operation carried out in Keshk Rubat-e-Sangi district of Herat, and as a result, 10 villages cleared of terrorists.

Furthermore, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) backed by Afghan Air Forces (AAF) planned and conducted a joint clearance operation to clear Khowaja Ghar district of Takhar. The operation went successful and ANDSF cleared this area with no loss and the Taliban were forced to leave the area.

Taliban insurgents also suffered the heaviest casualty in the area and the operation came to an end after the district was cleared of terrorists and new outposts have been established in some parts of the district to provide better security.

19 Taliban insurgents were killed and 12 others injured after Afghan National Army Commandos conducted a clearance operation in the area and a huge amount of ammunition and weapons used by the militants destroyed as well.

Finally, Afghan National Police (ANP) discovered and defused a roadside bomb, placed by terrorists in Rubat region of Paktiya and ANP also discovered and defused six drums full of explosives and five roadside bombs, placed by terrorists in Musa Khil district of Khost.

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