Abdullah: Human rights and values will never be traded in peace talks

In a meeting with the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), Abdullah Abdullah said that human rights and values were some of the most important achievements of the new Afghan political and social system and that these will not be traded.

Abdullah who is the chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation stressed that the Afghan government is committed to human rights.

Abdullah called on the AIHRC and other legal and civil institutions necessary for an effective peace process. He said the Council would continue to support the efforts of such institutions and seek guidance from them, acknowledging AIHRC’s independent and supervisory role in the process.

He said peace talks between the Afghan delegation and the Taliban would begin soon and that the Afghan people would be informed of the exact date soon.

Abdullah also said the Afghan negotiating team considers human rights and civil rights to be fundamental during the peace talks.

He said that the Afghan people were thirsty for peace, but that peace should not threaten their many years of achievement.

Naeem Nazari, AIHRC commissioner for the Human Rights Commission, welcomed the formation of the Council led by Abdullah and expressed hope that the move would lead to lasting and global peace in the country.

Nazari also emphasised that minority rights, women’s rights and victims of war should not be neglected in the peace process.

He referred to human rights as a “red line” that should not be trampled on during the talks.

He also requested the Afghan government and the Taliban to adhere to the global conventions of human rights.

This comes after calls from several nations for the Council to be more inclusive of women and minorities. AIHRC later confirmed in a tweet, that the Afghan government’s negotiating team would consist of four women and five men, with a woman heading the commission.

The latest statements on the peace process

On the other hand, eight foreign embassies in Kabul along with the European Union, issued a joint statement today emphasizing the significance of women participating in the process.

“History shows that peace agreements, in which women are fully involved, are more sustainable and successful.”

The embassies added that Afghanistan and the Taliban should involve women in all aspects of the peace process, including the leadership council, negotiating teams, advisory councils and technical and advisory teams.

Meanwhile, Russia’s TASS news agency reported that U.S., China, Russia and Pakistan have pledged to speed up peace talks in Afghanistan and make every effort to facilitate them.

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