Afghan-American Women Association Issues Statement on US-Taliban Deal

Afghan-led NGO in the Washington DC area, in consultation with the Afghan Women’s Education Center (AWEC – based in Afghanistan) and the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN – representing around 125 women groups in Afghanistan), welcomed the peace agreement between the United States and Taliban leadership with hopes for an enduring peace and prosperous future for the Afghan people.

(A-AWA) in a statement cited that history shows that a peace deal that divvies up power and resources between political strongmen, the Taliban, and the warlords will fail.
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“While this agreement could represent a viable beginning towards peace in Afghanistan through its facilitation of intra-Afghan talks, it also raises significant concerns,” the statement reads.

The statement stated that the United States and the international community did not sacrifice their military forces and families, to say nothing of trillions of taxpayer dollars, for a rushed deal that abandons an aspiring democracy for reasons of political expediency.

“Afghan Peace means that women must also be involved in all stages of negotiations, from defining the agenda to establishing mechanisms for implementation, monitoring, reconstruction, peace-building, and development,” it added.

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