Deputy Minister of Interior: Situation in Balkh Under Control

Deputy Minister of Interior Gen Khoshal Sadat wrote in response to the recent appointments in the Ministry. He wrote on Twitter that with the worsening security situation of Balkh province, the President’s appointment of Abdul Raqib Mubariz (former CRU222 Commander) as new Police Chief for Balkh comes at right time.

Gen Sadat added that Raqib will be accompanied by Special Forces units. “The situation is controlled & nothing to be worried about. Additional forces will also soon reach Balkh. President’s decree will be implemented without any delay or hesitation”, he tweeted.

Raqib’s predecessor however, Akram Sami is not willing to leave his post & accept the new appointment.

After new appointments, Ata Mohammad Noor former governor of Balkh province has blamed the President of “hatching plots against us”. He has called upon all residents of Mazar to stay indoors and shut all markets until further notice.

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