UN, US Voice Concern Over Escalating Tensions in Mazar-e-Sharif, Call on Parties to Resolve Issues

The UNAMA and US on Thursday voiced concern over the escalating tensions in Mazar-e-Sharif.

UNAMA in a statement called on parties to deescalate the matter immediately and find a “non violent solution to solve cultural differences, and prioritise the safety and security of the city’s residents”.
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John Bass, the US Ambassador to Afghanistan also wrote on Twitter that he calls for “calm” in the Mazar and Balkh. He added that the Afghan security forces are tasked with protecting the Afghan people, and not fighting over any disputes.

Bass also called on the parties involved to “quickly and peacefully” resolve this dispute in a way that gives Afghan citizens confidence in their leadership and strengthens security. “Asserting authority by force of arms takes Afghanistan’s democracy backwards”, he remarked.

He expressed that “Green on green violence is unacceptable. The only ones who benefit from this violence are the Taliban”.

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