World Vision Is Delivering Protection Equipment in Asia Including Afghanistan

In a growing effort to protect the world’s most vulnerable against the rapid global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), international aid agency, World Vision, is increasing its response in 17 countries.

In January, World Vision began distributing protection equipment and supplies in Asia, where the virus outbreak was first recorded.

Teams on the ground are supporting vulnerable communities by promoting prevention behaviours, offering essential health advice and psychosocial support, and engaging government health authorities.

Further action is now underway in some of the world’s most fragile contexts, including Afghanistan.

World Vision is warning that the impact coronavirus will have on these countries is likely to be far greater than what we have seen to date in more medically-advanced countries, both directly through COVID-19 deaths, and indirectly through the reduction of life-saving child health services as countries focus on this new disease.

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Latest from Newsfeed; Thursday, March 26 2020