US Embassy in Kabul Urges IEC to Focus on Efficient Presidential Elections

The US Embassy in Kabul released a statement welcoming the the finalization of the Kabul parliamentary election results.

“The completion of this election and the seating of the full parliament is an important achievement for the new IEC and the ECC, and of Afghanistan’s democratic process”, the statement said.


The Embassy also noted the decision of the IEC on May 10 to focus on voting methods that can realistically be implemented this year for the 2019 presidential elections and urged the IEC to turn its attention to preparing for the September presidential election, including putting forward a budget request aligned with an appropriate operational plan, hiring and training sufficient staff to complete voter registration and preparations, and coordinating with the security ministries.

“The Afghan people deserve the opportunity to choose their next leadership through transparent elections in September. We are prepared to continue supporting this process. We now ask that Afghan authorities do their part to take the decisions and actions necessary to give the Afghan people their voice at the ballot box this year”, the statement conceded.

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