Atta Emphasizes the End of Ghani’s Tenure on NUG, Says After Eid “We Will March on Roads”

Former governor of Balkh, Atta Mohammad Noor says that there is no national unity government after 22 May. In a message which was published last night, Mr. Noor considered the national unity government unlawful saying that it is based on lawful agreement. He said that after this, national unity government has no legitimacy even based on the agreement.

The former governor of Balkh emphasized that the Government of Afghanistan should deliver the power in a peaceful manner to the interim government or caretaker government. He elaborated that this government tenure should not continue illegally.
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Mr. Noor warned that after the holy month of Ramadan, they will march on roads and the highways and the ministries would be closed for what he called “to put an end to this imposed rule.”

Noor asked the armed forces to maintain their impartiality in this regard and not interfere in civil movements.

Mr. Noor, while supporting Mir Rahman Rahmani, the candidate for the speaker of the house, added that there was an intransigent movement against him, and he fully supports Mir Rahman Rahmani as speaker of the parliament.

He also expressed support to the statement of Council of Presidential Candidates and Peace and Moderation Election Group on the end of National Unity Government’s tenure .

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