Afghan Doctors at Forefront of Battle As Afghanistan Fight Turns to Covid-19

One-third of 500 random coronavirus tests in Kabul came back positive, health officials have previously announced, raising fears of widespread undetected infections in one of the world’s most fragile nations.

Kabul and most other cities are in lockdown, but compliance has not been widespread.

More than 250,000 Afghans returned home from hard-hit Iran since the beginning of the year, travelling across Afghanistan without being tested or quarantined.

In Afghanistan, the coronavirus has opened a new front for the country’s healthcare system, already devastated by 40 years of civil war.

The virus has infected nearly 300 healthcare workers in the country, and at least five doctors have died.

The peak of the pandemic is expected in mid-May, with some figures suggesting 25 million Afghanis could soon be infected.

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