Atmar Condemns Taliban Attack in Kabul

Hanif Atmar wrote a statement on Twitter to condemn the terrorist attack in Kabul which happened on Wednesday. He wrote, “for any Muslim to see the suffering of another, especially during the holy month of Ramazan, a month of worship and compassion, must be heartbreaking.
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He also added that Taliban, who took responsibility for the attack know that such a senseless act of violence against civilians is contrary to Islam’s principles and the teachings of Islam’s Holy Prophet (PBUH), as well as a serious crime under international humanitarian law.

“I call on the Taliban, with whom we are engaged in a peace process, to renounce acts of violence during Ramazan. Taliban must also show their commitment to peace and an end to conflict by avoiding such attacks while a peace process and intra-Afghan dialogue are being pursued”, Atmar tweeted.

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