Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Announces Possible Change in Immigration Policy Towards Afghan Refugees

Abbas Araghchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister says that after intensifying US sanctions and perpetual decline in Iran’s income, the country may ask Afghan refugees to leave the country.
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Media quoting Abbas Araghchi reported that, more than three million Afghans live in Iran and two million of them have occupied work opportunities. He said that these immigrants transfer three to five billion euro annually from Iran.

Iran’s deputy foreign minister added that 468,000 Afghan students are studying for free in Iran schools, the expense of each of them is 600 Euros annually, and 23000 other students study at Iranian universities, and each year 15,000 Euros is the expense for each of them.

“If the US sanctions effect our economy and oil sales reaches zero, the Islamic Republic of Iran is forced to consider a special policy for its economy, hence, we may not be able to shoulder all that and therefore we may ask our Afghan brothers and sisters to leave Iran”, Araghchi said.

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