Maimi District Of Badakhshan Province Falls To The Taliban

Local officials on Thursday reported that a Taliban offensive in Maimi district of Badakhshan has fallen to the Taliban group.

Abdullah Naji Nazari, member of the Badakhshan Provincial Council, told Reporterly that the Taliban had carried out large-scale attacks on the Maimi district of the province this morning.

Nazari added that the Taliban had taken control of Maimi district in the attack.

The Badakhshan provincial council member stressed that the details of the Taliban attack had not been released due to the interruption of telecommunication networks, but that there were “rumours” that the Maimi district police chief had been killed in the Taliban attack.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Bashir Samim, head of the Badakhshan Provincial Council, denied the fall of the Maimi district of Badakhshan and stressed that the Taliban siege in the district has been tightened. Badakhshan police spokesmen and other officials refused to comment.

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