Clashes Displace Over 6,000 Families in Takhar

Afghan local officials have said that more than 6,000 families have reportedly fled the conflicts in Takhar province.

Provincial government Spokesman Mohammad Jawad Hejri stated that thousands of households have left their residences due to fierce clashes between government security forces and Taliban militants in some districts in northern part of Takhar.

“Some 2,500 families sought asylums in the provincial capital Taluqan and some adjacent areas with satisfactory security, while a rough figure left to neighboring Kunduz province, as clashes engulfed some other districts in Takhar,” said Hejri, adding that up to 600 families have been covered by the aid agencies.

Some displaced families were also provided with assistance in Kunduz province, according to Hejri.

The province has witnessed heavy clashes since early this year.

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