Pak Rejects Claims of Kandahar Attack

Islamabad came out with a statement on Wednesday to shun any claims for the Kandahar attack calling the allegations ‘baseless’.

On Tuesday President Ashraf Ghani while addressing a press conference in his Kandahar visit said that the conspiracy of Kandahar attack might have been plotted in Pakistan, asking Pakistan to hand over the terrorists and those who are guilty.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement on Wednesday, “No hard evidence or intelligence related information has been shared to date with Pakistan to substantiate such claims. In the presence of elaborate mechanisms under Afghanistan -Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Stability (APAPPS) to mutually and effectively address and investigate any such unfortunate incidents, it would have been more appropriate to invoke the relevant arrangement instead of resorting to media blame game which is contrary to the seven principles of cooperation agreed between the two sides, earlier this year.”

Afghanistan’s spy chief has claimed that the attacker received call from across the border minutes before he launched the assault.

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