Saleh: Level Of Some Crimes In Kabul Close To Zero

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that some of the crimes that had plagued Kabul city residents have declined and are now close to zero.

“Crimes such as mobile phone theft, car theft, armed robbery, street harassment, public sale of drugs and extortion that were rampant have dropped to near zero,” Saleh said in the Facebook post regarding security decisions in the capital on Thursday.

He had previously made a similar announcement two days ago when a money changer was attacked and robbed in Kabul. However, he said that from Saturday, he will share the statistics and figures with the public so that they can compare the numbers for each district.

“Unfortunately, violence against women and their murder inside homes continues as an ugly phenomenon,” he said, sharing an incident where an Afghan national living in France came to Kabul to murder his wife in Paghman and was caught while trying to flee.

He explained that all areas of Paghman and Mosahi districts in Kabul should be provided security as there is active presence of the Taliban in some places.

Saleh said that he had considered a plan to improve and restore full physical and mental security for the residents of western Kabul and asked them to cooperate with the security forces to prevent the killing of innocent people.

In response to the recent suicide attack on in Dasht-e-Barchi, he said that he was formulating a plan to improve and restore “full physical and mental security” for the people in western Kabul.

He added that the plan had not been completed yet, and people will be informed.

He further said that the Security Pact is now nearly 2,000 pages and covers all the areas and security officials could not escape their duties by “generalising and theorising”.

The first vice president also directed the Kabul municipality to demolish the cinema in Shahr-e Naw Park or to modernise it into a major cultural centre in partnership with businessmen.

“The current situation is not acceptable,” he said and added that a similar option was given to the Khair Khana cinema.

The office of the first vice-president has also prohibited the use of loudspeakers for vendors.

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