“Guaranteeing Press Freedom Is Essential For A lasting Peace in Afghanistan”: RSF

Guaranteeing press freedom is essential for a just and lasting peace in Afghanistan, two press freedom organizations; Reporters Without Borders- Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) and the Federation of Associations and Media in Afghanistan said at a press conference in Kabul.

In a joint statement, the two organizations urged the Afghan government and the Taliban to resume peace talks, and called on civil society, politicians and, in particular, candidates for the 28 September presidential election to back their campaign, which is entitled: “There will be no just and lasting peace without guarantees for press freedom.”

The two organizations believe that peace and peaceful coexistence will not be possible in Afghanistan without the entire society’s participation, and that this needs guarantees for a free and independent press.

RSF and the Federation of Associations and Media in Afghanistan ¬also call on the Taliban to explicitly undertake to respect international humanitarian law’s basic treaties, starting with the Geneva Conventions.

An undertaking to this effect would be a guarantee for the safety of journalists.

Media personnel have paid a heavy price in Afghanistan since 2001. At least 100 media workers, including 16 foreign journalists, have been killed in connection with the provision of news and information, More than 40 media outlets have been attacked and destroyed during the same period, while hundreds of threats against journalists and media outlets have been reported.

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