AIHRC Urges IC to Assist Gov’t in Holding Transparent Election

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has called on the International Community (IC) and international organizations, namely the United Nations, to assist and cooperate with the Afghan government and election commissions in holding free and fair elections.

AIHRC in a statement on Thursday called on electoral commissions to take the necessary steps within the framework of the rule of law to hold a free, fair, transparent, inclusive and fraud-free election and provide the environment for the right to all citizens for political participation.


The commission urged the eligible citizens to widely support the democratic political system and to exercise their political and civil rights.

The AIHRC statement added that the security and defense institutions of the country should safeguard the voters, candidates and polling stations and try that the upcoming election will be held without any security incidents and threats against voters and candidates.

The Commission has also urged the Taliban not to disrupt the elections and to stop terrorizing and violating the rights of citizens.

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission demanded the civil society organizations and the media to monitor the elections and asked them to report any illegal conduct to related authorities.

The statement said that the commission would monitor the entire election process and report its observations to the public and media.

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