Airstrike Kills Taliban Kangaroo Court Chief In Ghazni

At least 7 Taliban insurgents including Kangaroo court chief of the group have been killed in Ghazni province, local officials said.

The Ghazni governor’s office in a statement said that the airstrike was carried out in Waali village of Qarabagh district at around 10:30PM Wednesday night.

The statement added that the raid killed 5 insurgents including Esmatullah alias as Waris, Taliban kangaroo court chief.

The statement further said that a Humvee vehicle packed with explosives was destroyed and 2 insurgents were killed in a separate air operation conducted at around 10:00 PM last night in Pajak village of Deh Yak district of Ghazni province.
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Civilians have not suffered any causalities in the operations, the statement added.

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