NSC: Process Of Prisoner Exchange Between Afghan Gov’t And Taliban Completed

The Office of the National Security Council (NSC) said that the process of prisoner exchange was completed between the Afghan government and the Taliban on Thursday.

Javid Faisal, spokesperson for the NSC wrote on Twitter that the Taliban has released all the Afghan commandos they had detained.

“The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received our commandos held hostage by Taliban, after which the government released the remaining 400 convicts, except the few for which our partners have reservations,” Faisal said.

He was referring to the seven Taliban prisoners who had been accused of killing foreign troops and nationals troops. The Afghan government is transferring these detainees to Qatar.

The NSC also said that the remaining prisoners are those who have been blacklisted in some countries. The governments of France and Australia had formally raised concern about the release of these prisoners.

Faisal added that “diplomatic efforts are ongoing” to resolve those issues.

“We expect direct talks to start promptly,” Faisal said.

The Afghan government’s negotiating team is expected to leave for Qatar today.

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