Breshna Company Calls on Gov’t for $50 Million Loan

The state-owned electricity company Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) has said that the income of the company has reduced by 60% following the Coronavirus outbreak.

Officials in DABS warned if the government doesn’t issue the loan; the company will not be able to afford to buy electricity from domain countries.

The spokesman of DABS, Wahidullah Tawhidi declared that the company needed a loan of $50 million to meet its problems.

He warned that without the loan, no electricity could be purchased from the neighboring countries.

Tawhidi added, “Afghanistan’s electricity is imported, and we pay million to the neighboring countries every month; therefore, we want the government to give us a loan of million.
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This comes as the Ministry of Finance has said that the requisition of DABS for the loan has been under process.

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