358,000 Students Study in Religious Schools in Afghanistan

The Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs officials say that currently 358,000 students pursue religious studies in religious schools of Afghanistan.

Mawlavi Abdul Hakim Munib, the Acting Minister Hajj and Religious Affairs said in a news conference in Kabul on Thursday that, in 2018 the budget of Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs for religious schools has been more than the budget of past 17 years of government in this section.

Munib said that reduction in cost of Hajj ceremonies, improving the quality of Hajj services and also publication of sermon books for Friday prayers and promotion of Imams and preachers from informal to formal positions, and the restoration are the achievement of the ministry in last year.

According to officials from Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, ministry sent 30,000 Hajjis for Haj pilgrims and has managed to collect 85 million AFN endowment revenue in last year.

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