Ghani: National, Regional, Islamic and International Conditions Paved for Peace

Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that national, regional, Islamic and international conditions have been provided for peace, and the restrictions in this issue have been eliminated.

During a meeting on Tuesday with the leadership of Peace Consultative Jirga Commission members in Loya Jirga tent, Ghani emphasized the participation of women and said that their participation in the Jirga shouldn’t be less than 30 percent.

He stated that one of the factors of instability is the lack of clear rules and principles of the game, adding that the advantages of the Loya Jirga is that no one can censor it and that the representatives of the nation can freely express their opinions, suggestions and advice.

At the same time, the president stressed that it is the Loya Jirga and the representatives of the people who draw the limitation of the peace process.
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“Peace Consultative Jirga would turn all the thoughts on peace into a coherent and systematic debate,” president Ghani stated.

Ghani added that the Peace Consultative Jirga is related to the Afghan system and is not related to a person. He said that in this regard, representatives of all provinces, districts and people of different walks of life will participate.

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