Taliban Getting Momentum in Jawjan province, Seven Public Uprising Forces Killed and Wounded

Local officials reported that Taliban momentum increased in Jawzjan province. They also confirmed that seven Public Uprising Forces were killed and wounded in Taliban attack on Monday night.

Speaking to Reporterly, Fraidun Aniq, spokesperson for Jawzjan province said that Taliban momentum has recently been increased in the province.

He further insisted that “the enemy’s momentums have mounted recently, but it does not mean that they have achieved success and control in the province.
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In the latest Taliban attack, which took place last night, 2 Public Uprising Forces were killed and 7 others wounded in the area of Jabbar Shahid of Aqcha district, Aniq said.

He added that, in this clash heavy casualties were inflicted on Taliban insurgents.

The army in north part of the country also said that in a 4-hour clash between Taliban insurgents and security forces in Achqa district, six Taliban insurgents were killed and 16 others were wounded.

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