Wahidi’s Trial is Political, Antagonistic and Biased: Mohaqiq

The trial of Abdul Razaq Wahidi Ex-Minister of Communication and Information Technology is political, hostile and biased, according to Second Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq said.

Mohammad Mohahqiq said that Mr. Wahidi’s trial has been order based and stressed this issue is done to violate the right of Reform and Partnership Team.

Mohahqiq added that “the second trial of Mr. Wahidi is the step to cover up the scandal of ruling team of ARG in the course of the three-year trial of minister of telecommunications, it was overwhelmingly and outrageous that the so-called” justice system” ruled by ARG issued a hastily and order based three-year imprisonment for Mr. Wahidi in just a few days.”

While condemning the government’s actions, Deputy Chief Executive called president Ghani dishonest in fight against corruption.

Mr. Mohaqiq urged CE Abdullah Abdullah to step in to the case and defend what he called the dignity of people and their ministers and resist oppression and discrimination.

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