Bamiyan Municipal Court Acquits 13 Civil Activists & One Journalist

The Judiciary of the Bamiyan Municipal Court on Monday acquitted 13 civil activists and one journalist in a public hearing.

The members of Bamiyan municipal court said that the individuals were detained last week based on a court ruling in accusation of turning a protest ‘violent’ on November 2018 which led to the killing of two protesters and the destruction of public places.

According to the court, thousands of people in Bamiyan staged protest for the release an uprising forces’ commander, Abdul Ghani Alipoor in Behsoud district of Maidan Wardak province.

Following the protest which turned violent, 14 civil society activists, including a local journalist, were identified by the Bamyan Provincial Military Council as “instigators” of the protest to the Bamyan Provincial Appeals Prosecutor’s Office.

Zaman Ahmadi, a local journalist in Bamyan and one of the defendants in the case, told a public court hearing that there was no evidence against him or the other defendants in the case and that he had been charged only on the basis of a decision of the former Bamyan Military Council.

During the public hearing of the defendants in this case, the prosecutors were unable to provide reasons, documents and evidence that could satisfy the judiciary of this court, and due to the lack of credible documents, 14 defendants were acquitted.

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