Afghan Presidential Elections Likely to be Postponed, IEC Discussing Options

While nobody has been enrolled on the third day since the start of Afghan presidential candidates registration process, the debate on the postponement of the elections has been gathered steam.

Presidential election which is scheduled to be held on April 20 could probably be postponed, Rafiullah Bidar, an IEC commissioner, told BBC Persian.

The reason behind the postponement is to “bring reforms and improve the electoral affairs that require more work and time”, he said.

The IEC Commissioner commented that consultations have begun with stakeholders, and now discussions with parties, observer institutions and civil society are ongoing, and the outcome of these meetings will be shared with the Afghan government, which provides financial and security facilities for the election.

Meanwhile, a reliable source from the National Unity government has told Radio Azadi that the Independent Election Commission had previously presented a plan to the National Security Council to hold the presidential election three months later than the assigned date, but according to the source, The plan was not accepted and the Independent Election Commission has been given a mandate to put forward another plan.

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) is scheduled to officially announce the postponement of the presidential election in the coming days, the source added.

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