UN-Backed Local Peace Initiative Continues to Bear Fruit in Nangarhar

An agreement earlier this year to resolve a longstanding community dispute over Nangarhar water resources has continued to foster social cohesion among formerly warring tribes.

In April 2019, mediation between the Markikhil and Kadarkhil tribes in Nangarhar’s Shirzad district concluded with a unanimously adopted resolution regulating water-distribution rights.

In the three-day mediation session – locally called a jirga – participants highlighted the negative impact of the 50-year-old feud over water rights and resolved to end the dispute peacefully.

The mediation was facilitated by UNAMA as part of its local peace initiative programme, in close coordination with the Nangarhar Conflict Resolution Commission.
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At the conclusion of the Jirga, participants encouraged each other to look to the future and focus on larger issues impacting their communities.

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